Ready…Set… JUMP


So, I finally decided to dive in and just do it. It is scary but I have been doing alot of things outside of my comfort zone this year.

Why blog? Well, according to my husband and two sons, I have alot to say. Maybe they just don’t want me to say it to them and they think me having an outlet gets them off the hook. We’ll see. So, what do I have to talk about. Well, hold on for that.

First things first. I needed a name for the blog. Not so easy. Do I want it to be serious or funny? Or a little bit of both? I engaged my husband and youngest son in a brainstorming exercise. The names were flowing. “I’ll take another slice”. “Pour me another shot”.  Ok, these are suggestions from my 18 year old who is always hungry and thinking about partying. Next idea. “New at 50”. “Rejuvenation and 50”. These ideas come from my husband. Hold the presses. I feel like we are talking about a new dish soap or a feminine hygiene product.

“Lets start over and take the “50” out all together.” I say. So, after much thought and time spent we came up with a name I liked. “Life According to Somebody”. A bit random, a bit humorous but more importantly reflective of who I am.  Just one person out of many who have thoughts and observations about life.  I am certainly not an expert but rather an “experiencer” of the many twists and turns life has to offer. I hope to create a forum for others who relate to my stories to share their thoughts as well.

Now, where to start…….

About Shari

I am a wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, two time cancer survivor and patient advocate. I am a "somebody" who is not an expert but rather has many life experiences and reflections to share.
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3 Responses to Ready…Set… JUMP

  1. leannegfs says:

    Congratulations and welcome to the blogosphere! Have fun and I look forward to your upcoming posts. LeAnne at Good for Spooning


  2. revmichaelkane says:

    Great start! Love the name and dig the background theme, welcome to the madness ~ Rev Kane aka your prom date 🙂


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