One Scary Night Led Me To Finding My Purpose

This week I have a guest blogger. Nick is a college student and an aspiring writer and wanted to share his story of resilience. He is the son of a friend of mine who has also had her share of life’s challenges.

As I write on my blog, I have learned at an early age about the rollercoaster of life, it’s twists and turns and what it takes to pick yourself up after crisis and move forward in a positive way. Nick also has learned important life lessons at a young age that will serve him well as he moves through the uncertainty of life. I thank Nick for taking a risk and sharing his thoughts and his story.



Has anything in your life ever caused you to feel some sort of guilt, shame, failure, pain, regret, or even questioning why? I have learned early on in my life that every day is a true gift that many of us take for granted. Not because we mean to, but because it’s the world we live in. We get caught up living our lives based on school, work, and other activities that we forget what we are living for until the day something drastic happens. One day you could wake up and possibly have your last cup of coffee that morning. That almost happened to me.

Now, I have always tried to live my life to the fullest, however, at times I get weak and fail. I am human and I am not perfect. I realize if I fall and pick myself up, I become stronger than I was before I had fallen. It was not until recently that I woke up and realized that this life is REAL and I am here right now, for some reason. I think because of the situation that I currently was in, I was determined to find “my purpose.”

On the night of December 14, 2015, my life changed in a blink of an eye. I was given the chance to wake up and receive many gifts and blessings from my angels that night. On the night of the 14th, I was in a 5 car collision. My car was in the middle of it all.

I do not remember a single thing from that accident. However, I feel like it’s a good thing that I do not. With no family in the state where I go to school, I was alone except for one friend that found out and came and stayed by my side that night. Doctors wrote in my medical notes that I was unconscious for approximately 8 hours.

Prior to my accident, I had a lot on my mind; final exams to finish and the anniversary of my Uncle Ricky’s passing.  Within that 8-hour time span, I had woken up twice, said the doctor and my friend. The two times I briefly woke, my friend said I screamed and cried out for my Uncle Ricky. Each time they said my blood pressure plummeted as I called out for my Uncle. I finally came back to consciousness on the 15th of December.

Sometimes I wish I could go back to the night of my accident, and many people ask why? Well, we all have our own beliefs, and theories but I believe I was with my Uncle the night of my accident. It took a while for me to put all the pieces that I experienced together. All the accident really did on the outside was leave marks on my body, bills to be paid, court dates to attend, and details to work out to purchase a new car. But on the inside, the accident left me with the question of why did this all have to happen to me? All I knew was that I felt some sort of peace and happiness while seeing this bright unexplainable light next to me that night. I do not recall seeing my Uncle’s face or even really hearing his voice, but I remember one thing. I remember him saying to me, “Go! It’s not your time Nicholas, you have to go back. You have a destination in life to fulfill and until that day, we will meet again.”


It took a while to feel the darkness fade into light after my accident. With so many questions swirling through my mind with no answers, I knew it was up to me to find my so-called “purpose” like my Uncle had told me to do. All of us are struggling with something, we just may not know it, but we all have a beautiful “purpose” in life.

Since then, I have looked at life as a beautiful chance to become my author of my life. My accident has taught me patience and understanding that one day all of these events, good or bad, will end up being chapters in my life. Along with this journey, things will happen, roads get bumpy and we have to make adjustments. I know I’m not the only one who’s willing to walk by my side. Today, I am so proud to have received another chance back at school and I am working hard to receive my diploma and fulfill the story of my life.

Although the accident destroyed my vehicle, it did not destroy my faith. I pulled myself up while working two jobs all summer, spending time with my family, and began to discover many opportunities for me to start writing thoughts of my purpose on paper so that one day I will be able to get a story published to help others. I give thanks for the night of December 14, 2015.

Nick is a Junior, studying Psychology at Long Island University in Brookville, NY 

About Shari

I am a two-time cancer survivor and patient advocate. Diagnosed as a young adult, at age 25 with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, I had to quickly face the reality of life’s curveballs. My treatment offered a potential cure while at the same time, underestimated the long term side effects including a secondary cancer (breast cancer) nine years later. Shortly after my breast cancer treatment ended, my youthful, seemingly healthy mother was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer and passed a year later. I have lived the cancer experience as a patient and a family member/ caregiver and understand both sides. Life after treatment is often challenging emotionally and physically and there is a gap in providing needed support. I don’t consider cancer a gift as it is not something I would ever want to give to someone. Rather, I view cancer as an opportunity; one I received at an early point in my life to live intentionally, understanding how things can change at any moment. I live without regrets, fully understanding the gift and fragility of life.
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4 Responses to One Scary Night Led Me To Finding My Purpose

  1. Nicholas Stanley says:

    As I said to my new dear friend, Shari,

    “I have tears, from it all. thank you VERY much… I prayed that God would let me know if i was either on the right track again or if i was worthy enough of writing like everyone said i was… You honestly helped me realize that I’m simply back on the right track again….it can be so overwhelming…but i believe God will walk me through it…❤️😇”

    If anything i was trying to make as a POINT, was simply this…
    YOU! Yes YOU! You are meant to be here for a reason… You have a purpose!
    I challenge us ALL to go out into this world and find “Our Purpose”

    Remember change, starts within yourself…

    Thank you…


  2. Susan Weinstein says:

    Wow! This is beautifully written. Nick, you have reminded me a very important life lesson! Thank you for making the decision to take an extraordinarily difficult experience, learn from it and generously share it. I hope you continue to write so people can continue to learn from you!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Angela Smith says:

    Nick, you are amazing. A true inspiration. Let your light shine bright for everyone to see. That light will guide you and shine on things that you may have taken for granted before. I know what it is like to be thankful for the darkest days because that’s when you truly see the light!!! So glad to know you!


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