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I Owe it To My Mother. Improving The Patient Experience.

I have been through a lot. Sometimes I feel like a walking medical experiment. Cancer twice, and the loss of my mother who also had cancer. Hundreds of appointments, blood tests, and procedures and enough radiation to light up the sky. … Continue reading

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Doctor. Please Understand I Am A Person And Not Just Another Case.

  When you think about going to the doctor, what is one of your biggest pet peeves? Waiting to be called? Having to fill out forms over and over? I could put together an extensive list but in the end … Continue reading

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Understanding There Is No Magic Pill

I received a lot of comments after last week’s blog which talked about choices people have in their medical care. I wanted to expand a bit more on this topic especially given the news about Angelina Jolie opting to remove her … Continue reading

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You Are Your Best Advocate. The Power Of A Second Opinion

People reach out to me often for advice. It is typically related to a friend or a friend of a friend who is diagnosed with cancer. There is nothing more overwhelming than being thrown into a foreign world of doctors, hospitals, … Continue reading

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