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What They Don’t Tell You About Becoming An Empty Nester

S u m m e r t i m e …….. …and the living is…. ….complicated I have taken a self-imposed sabbatical from my blog and as much as it has affected me not to write for sometime, I just … Continue reading

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The 5 Things I Learned About My Mid-Winter Slump

1.Acknowledge and Accept It It’s official. I have fallen into my annual mid-winter slump. I don’t think in the past I named it as such or even realized it was a slump but I know it is and it happens … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day Memories

Last year I wrote about my mother and how difficult Mother’s Day can be for those of us who have lost their mom’s. We have our memories and we also yearn to have our mother’s back with us. Here is … Continue reading

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College Boys are Home. Breathe.

Last fall I wrote about the sadness of sending my youngest off to college, transitioning to a new chapter and accepting the reality of life without my children at home. In the back of my mind, I knew they would be … Continue reading

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“Mom? What’s Our Netflix Password”?

“Mom, what type of cheese do I like on my sandwich” is a running joke in our family. It refers to a time years ago when my oldest son was ordering a sandwich in a restaurant. The waitress asked him … Continue reading

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A Visit to Florida Seinfeld Style. Revised.

Jerry Seinfeld’s sitcom “Seinfeld” was a wonderful show because it found the humor in ordinary everyday life situations we all experience. I always laugh when I think of the Seinfeld episodes of Jerry going to visit his parents in Florida. … Continue reading

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We Built a House. And We Are Still Together.

This resilience stuff is overrated. I have had it up to here with it all. I married someone who can’t sit still, always needs to be moving, changing things up and taking things on when the timing is less than … Continue reading

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My Baby Is Off to College. A New Chapter. For All of Us.

It doesn’t hit you until they are gone. Sure, we have been talking about it for a while, preparing in every way possible but it doesn’t hit you until the quiet takes over. The abruptness of it all is what … Continue reading

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Boys Will Be Boys

I am surrounded by aliens. I mean boys. How did this happen? Truth be told,  I have always liked boys. Beginning at age five, I always had a lot of friends who were boys. We would be out bike riding, playing hide … Continue reading

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A Reflection On Mother’s Day

Becoming a mother has been one of the most multifaceted experiences of my life. It changes you, challenges you, humbles you, and enriches you like no other. I always thought I would be a mother but truth be told I … Continue reading

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