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Another Birthday and Big Changes Ahead

De-cluttering my life Continue reading

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Ladybugs, Trucks and #College#Graduation. Oh, My.​

Once he was 4 years old. He had these big blue eyes that everyone noticed. He was smart, sensitive, inquisitive, funny, and didn’t stop asking questions. Question after question about everything under the sun. My first born has always been … Continue reading

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Boys Are Off To College. Part-time Empty Nester Rollercoaster Ride

A year ago, I was filled with emotion. My youngest was going off to college and I was going to be an “empty nester.”  Or so I thought. On the one hand, I was ready. Ready to do re-group and … Continue reading

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College Boys are Home. Breathe.

Last fall I wrote about the sadness of sending my youngest off to college, transitioning to a new chapter and accepting the reality of life without my children at home. In the back of my mind, I knew they would be … Continue reading

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My Baby is Home from College. Push and Pull.

Don’t get me wrong. Let me be perfectly clear. I love my two sons so deeply words cannot describe. The love you have for a child is unlike any love. Period. So, that said, how do I describe what life … Continue reading

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Back To School. Change Is In The Air.

The leaves are slowly beginning to change colors, the days just a little bit shorter and even though we may be still experiencing summer-like temperatures, the state of mind is that of “back to school” and new beginnings. I think that … Continue reading

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My Baby Is Off to College. A New Chapter. For All of Us.

It doesn’t hit you until they are gone. Sure, we have been talking about it for a while, preparing in every way possible but it doesn’t hit you until the quiet takes over. The abruptness of it all is what … Continue reading

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A Day At the Museum. Yikes- I Should Have Taken An Art History Course

I have a confession to make. According to me, museums are like exercising. Not my first choice on any given day, a bit of a struggle to get through but in the end, I know the exercise is good for me. My … Continue reading

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